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Co-financed research

Co-financed research provides a unique opportunity for Swedish companies and industries to carry out research projects at IVL Swedish Environmental Institute (IVL), with funding from both the state and business.

Both private companies and industry organizations can be involved in co-financed research projects. Co-financed research is conducted with funds from companies and industry organizations, as well as with state funds that are mediated via Formas and the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. Government funds are also used to match research grants from the EU.

The project should be relevant to a sector or to society

A co-financed project is based on an environmental problem or an environment-related development potential. SIVL sets the framework and criteria for the business and projects are structured and formulated through discussion between financing stakeholders from the business community and IVL. Criteria for co-financing include that the research projects must be relevant to an industry or society at large. The results from co-financed projects are always publicly available through publication in IVL's report series or other open channels.

Funded in equal parts by the parties

SIVL co-finances with state funds with the same amount as the business community's cash contribution. When a project proposal has been approved, an agreement is written between the financing business party / parties and SIVL as the co-financing party. SIVL orders execution of the research project at IVL. Contracting party must be liable for VAT.

In addition to reporting from individual projects, IVL reports results of the co-financed research and financial outcomes in an annual annual report to SIVL's board and to Formas and the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.

Below is a list of IVL's co-funded research

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